Just some webpages I think people should see... Non-English sites are marked for their main language (e.g. 'NL').


  • Higherlevel (NL) - Dutch discussion forum for those who are starting a business
  • Dutch Trade Register (NL) - Browse dutch company information online
  • Moniker & TransIP - cheap .com/.net etc and .nl domains respectively
  • EZPress (NL) - distribute your press releases to various dutch media.


  • Trip Advisor - Hotel reviews and reservations, and one of the better sites at that.
  • Out of Asia (NL) - Jenny's travel experiences in Asia
  • Seatguru - Find the best seats on planes from major carriers
  • Air Asia - My favourite budget airline, goes around most of SE Asia at good rates
  • Bali Happy Tour - Tours and trips on Bali, Indonesia. Also check out Bali Happy Driver for car rental, charter and tours. Check out for tickets between Bali and the Gili islands.

Technolgy & Gadgets

Miscellaneous (really mixed bag)